The Alva Church of God believes in Missions. In order to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in order to reach a helping hand to people and places we cannot personally visit, we give to missions.
Every month we send financial support to three Church of God Missionaries.
John and Jodie Ackerman are ministering in Haiti. See more on white Haiti tab.
Bobby and Jenny Mihsill serve in Cote d’ Ivoire/ Africa.
Sherman and Kay Critser will be leaders over several Native American Missions.
We have $6500 of missions money on loan through KIVA to the working poor. See Kiva tab in white for more information.
We help local people who are in need with utilities and other needs.
We send monthly support to help 26 children. There are 13 in the United States and 13 in Africa.
We contribute $1200 annually to the Carl (Bill) Hawkins scholarship fund to help an Alva area student who is preparing for ministry.